Beverage Boutique Artesian Water

Packed full of nothing but pure New Zealand goodness...our naturally alkaline artesian water is bottled at the source and can be labelled as your own.

About Us

Since 1999 the Beverage Boutique has been focused on the manufacturing, development, production, export and sales of bottled New Zealand artesian water. Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with our plant located in Paeroa, we ship to some of the world's biggest retailers and distributors in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Private Label Services

Having manufactured, sold, shipped & moved bottled water all around world for over 16 years, we are the best qualified to help put together the right program to meet our clients needs. Let us know what we can do for you!

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Quality Control

We follow the strictest FDA, SQF and HAACP regulations.

Our Plant

Water arrives at the surface under its own pressure, without the use of mechanical pumps or any human interference - a true artesian source.

Artesian Source

Paeroa is an area famous for over 100 years for its abundance of natural artesian water. The name Paeroa translates to 'long ridge' or 'mountain range', referring to the surrounding mountain ranges. The rain water that falls on these ranges is the original source of Paeroa's many aquifers. Our aquifer is at the foot of the Kaimanawa Ranges, 680 feet below the Hauraki Plains in the centre of New Zealand's North Island. Our state of the art bottling facility is located right on top of the source.

This allows us to capture the water the instant it reaches the surface. Water arrives at the surface under its own pressure, without the use of mechanical pumps or any human interference - a true artesian source. This means no environmental or human contamination can occur. Our water arrives in the bottle as nature intended.

Discover New Zealand

Nestled deep in the South Pacific and isolated by large oceans, lie the unspoiled islands of New Zealand.

Pure and pristine

Notable for its geographic isolation, New Zealand is situated about 2000 km (1250 miles) southeast of Australia across the Tasman Sea.

A pristine country of mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. New Zealand is a place of purity and beauty that has remained relatively unchanged, and uninfluenced by many of the worlds environmental threats. This in effect has meant that unlike many other countries, New Zealand has remained untouched from industrial waste, acid rain and pollution.

Nuclear Free Zone

No nuclear power within 12 miles of either island - ever!

How We Compare

Our high alkaline, artesian water is carbon-dated at 50,000 years old. True Paleolithic water, famous for its soft smooth taste.

Health Benefits

In today's hectic lifestyle people are consuming more convenient but highly acidic food and drinks. Acidic foods and stress lower our body's pH into an acidic state, causing a weakened immune system, decreased energy, and a vulnerability to illness. Optimum health starts with the correct acid-alkaline balance in our bodies.







Beverage Boutique 8.0 Alkaline Artesian New Zealand
Fiji 7.5 Neutral Artesian Fiji
Evian 7.1 Neutral Spring France
Volvic 7.0 Neutral Spring France
Arrowhead 6.9 Acidic Multi spring US
Crystal Geyser 6.5 Acidic Multi spring US
VOSS 6.4 Acidic Artesian Norway
Deer Park 6.1 Acidic Multi spring US
Dasani 5.7 Very acidic Municipal US
Poland Spring 5.7 Very acidic Multi spring US
Aquafina 5.5 Very acidic Municipal US

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